Quelle est la température idéale dans chaque pièce en hiver ?

What is the ideal temperature in each room in winter?

Every year, heating costs a significant amount on the energy bill. To save money, while maintaining a certain heating comfort, it is important to adjust the temperature in each living room. Indeed, 1°C extra is (…)

Où placer sa chaudière électrique ?

Where to place his electric boiler?

Choosing the location of your electric boiler should not be done lightly. For your comfort and safety, it is important to position your device in a suitable place. Which criteria to take into account? Our (…)

Electric boiler and cleanliness of the heating network

The electric boiler is a simple heating system. The energetic performance of the heating takes into account the yield of the boiler but also the efficiency of the heating system. It is therefore essential to (…)

Why making energy renovation work in summer?

Every year, many households embark on energy renovation work. The reason ? Governments usually offer many aids, and the guarantee of being able to reduce its energy consumption, and therefore, its heating bill. Why making (…)

Desludging your heating circuit to save energy

Each heating system operating with a hydraulic circuit is exposed to sludge formation. These can foul the boiler, clog the pipes and cause premature wear of circulators and valves. To take advantage of a powerful (…)

remplacer chaudiere fioul par chaudiere electrique

Replacing your oil boiler with an electric boiler

Fluctuating energy prices, polluting installation and requiring heavy maintenance … The oil boiler now attracts fewer and fewer households, in favour of electricity. What are the reasons to replace the oil boiler with an electric (…)