What are the advantages of an electric boiler ?

Are you in the middle of moving in and have doubts about your heating method ? This is perfectly normal. Between gas, wood and electricity, you have the heavy responsibility of making the right decision. (…)

Wall-mounted or floor-standing electric boiler ?

In the past, floor-standing boilers were installer because they were more powerful than a wall-mounted ones. Now, technological advances allows us to enjoy the same performance, whether the boiler is on the wall or on the floor. The choice is now more difficult and depends on several structural (…)

What is maintenance needed for an electric boiler ?

Currently, the electric boiler is gaining ground among European households. As its name suggests, this type of boiler uses electricity as a source of energy to power its system and distribute heat to radiators, water (…)

How to choose an electric boiler ?

Equipping an electric boiler in a modern home is a wise choice in order to ensure comfort. Now available in several designs, models and power systems, the choice of this device should not be made (…)

How does an electric boiler work ?

Are you looking for a way to heat the interior of your home? The electric boiler is a sure way to warm your home and satisfy your heating needs. This product respects the environment and (…)