Are you looking for a way to heat the interior of your home? The electric boiler is a sure way to warm your home and satisfy your heating needs. This product respects the environment and does not require flue gas venting. There is a wide variety of electric boilers. How they work.

Presentation of the electric boiler

The main function of the electric boiler is to distribute heat to heat transmitters (radiators, underfloor heating …). But it also has a second role: providing your home with hot water. To provide hot water, the boiler must be connected to a hot water tank (the cumulus). Many electric boilers are available to the general public, but wall-mounted electric boilers and electric floor boilers are most common.

The price of the machine can vary according to brand, performance as well as quality. A high-quality electric boiler costs on average 1000 €. We offer the cheapest high-quality electric boiler option on the market starting at 649 €.

Device operation

The electric boiler heats your home thanks to several water emitters placed throughout the premises. The boiler operates in a closed circuit.

  • the water is heated by electrical resistance;
  • it is transferred through the boiler to the radiators;
  • hot water emits heat via the radiators;
  • cold water descends while hot water rises;
  • the cooled water returns to the boiler without leaving the circuit to be heated and the cycle recommences.

Once in place, simply connect the boiler to the cold water system so that the heating process can begin.

“To learn more about the process, see our article operational diagram of a heating network.

The benefits of an electric boiler

  • The installation of the boiler is very simple and is done quickly;
  • It has a remarkable precision in terms of temperature control;
  • Its efficiency of almost 100% is superior compared to wood, gas, or oil fuel boilers.
  • It provides maximum comfort, and does not contribute to noise pollution during its operation.
  • There are no strange odors.
  • No risk of explosion (city gas, natural gas)
  • The electric boiler additionally produces no smoke/fumes. You are safe from any risk of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO²) intoxication

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