A heating network (radiators and/or underfloor heating) must contain all the safety elements for its proper operation

  1. Circulator  : allows the circulation of water in the network. Its impulsion in water height must ensure a homogeneous circulation to properly redistribute the power delivered by the boiler (included in the MINI EUROPE PLUS boiler only)
  2. Expansion vessel  : To be sized according to the size of the heating network, it’s a ‘’must have’’ to allow the expansion of water resulting from the temperature difference between cold and hot (usually 8 to 12 liters at low temperature, can be more for high temperature). If your old boiler contained an expansion tank, you can take back the same capacity than this one.
  3. Motorized and self-regulating 3-way valve  : allows the redistribution of the necessary heat for the radiators to the floor heating at low temperature. A safety thermostat coupled to the 3-way valve must be installed in order to protect the floor-heater from an abnormal high-temperature inlet in its network
  4. Sludge pot : ensures the removal of bacterial growth (recommended to prevent premature wear of the heating system elements over time)
  5. Screen filter : ensures the recovery of the impurities contained in a heating network (recommended to avoid premature wear of the elements of the heating system over time)
  6. Safety group  : pressure gauge + automatic air vent + 3 bar pressure relief valve (included in the MINI EUROPE PLUS boiler only)

In the case the high temperature radiators and the low temperature heating floor are coupled, the boiler must send high temperature into the heating circuit.