In the past, floor-standing boilers were installer because they were more powerful than a wall-mounted ones. Now, technological advances allows us to enjoy the same performance, whether the boiler is on the wall or on the floor. The choice is now more difficult and depends on several structural and functional factors which will motivate your decision.

Wall-mounted boiler and boiler on the floor, what are the differences ?

On a purely functional level, there is no difference between these two models of electric boilers. They play the same role and have similar performances. However, it is their structure that differentiates them. While the floor-standing boiler, as its name suggests, is grounded on the floor and therefore requires lot of space, the wall-mounted boiler is attached to a wall bracket. As it is smaller it requires less space, and the area below can be exploited.

Advantages of the wall-mounted boiler

The configuration of the wall-mounted boiler is one of its strengths. It allows easy storage and provides many other assets such as :

  • Its total cost is less than that of a floor boiler. Indeed, the wall-mounted boiler does not require a large workforce during its installation which reduces the expenses regarding  the technician. It is also possible to mount it and start it yourself.
  • Its execution speed, it requires a smaller volume and so will be easier to heat than a larger boiler.
  • Its aesthetic and practical side. Since it clings to a wall bracket, it is more practical : it can be attached in a place where the space was “lost”. Otherwise, the space between the floor and the boiler can be used.

We did not find any problem with the wall-mounted boiler, as they can be as powerful as a floor-standing boilersthey are always recommended.

Advantages/disadvantages of the floor-standing boiler


Like the wall-mounted boiler, the floor-standing boiler has advantages related to its size :

  • Its ability to own very large tanks. Of course, this feature is crucial when you have great hot water needs.
  • The possibility of using old connecting pipes from a previous a boiler on the floor before. This allows you to make considerable savings.


The main disadvantage of a floor-standing boiler lies in its large size (100 x 60 x 60 cm on average). It is difficult to install in houses that do not have enough space, which they can hardly recover as opposed to the wall-mounted boiler.