Sécher chape d'un plancher chauffant avec une chaudière électrique

Drying the screed of your heated floor with an electric boiler

Increasingly acclaimed by the householders, the hydraulic heated floor is an ideal way for heating the houses. It offers better thermal comfort with a consistent temperature throughout the house, requires little maintenance, and allows significant (…)

Comparison of the costs of the different heating modes

Choosing your heating mode is not always easy, especially when you want to save money. To make the right choice, it is essential to take into account the various costs related to heating (installation, energy (…)

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How much does it cost to install a boiler ?

If the installation of a boiler requires a certain budget, this investment can be profitable in the long term and make you benefit from a durable and healthy heating system. What investments are needed to (…)

What are the disadvantages of a gas boiler ?

Electric boilers, preferred by European households, are more environmentally friendly, cheaper and easier to install than gas boilers. However, many people choose a gas boiler when it comes to equipping a home with heating or (…)

What is a dual-energy boiler?

Choosing a boiler for your home requires taking into account your environment, your needs and your budget. The installation of a dual-energy electric boiler is rather easy and above all very economical. However, we advise (…)

What is a condensing boiler ?

Recent technology for boilers, the so-called “condensing boiler” offers some advantages such as simplicity, reduction of fuel consumption and better performance than conventional combustion boilers (wood, gas and oil). Although more expensive to buy, it (…)

What is an expansion vessel?

An expansion tank (or expansion vessel)  in a heating circuit is essential to keep the installation in good condition. Most of the time red in colour, it is mandatory and is directly integrated into the (…)

What is an electric storage boiler ?

Many types of electric boilers exist. And among them, there are the storage boilers. What is it about ? What are the advantages and disadvantages ? Why is it a “mixed” boiler ? The electric (…)