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If the installation of a boiler requires a certain budget, this investment can be profitable in the long term and make you benefit from a durable and healthy heating system. What investments are needed to install a boiler, and for what types of products? The comparative.

Oil, gas, electric … For each boiler its installation budget

If you have a central heating system, this will require investing in a boiler. Discover our comparative table on the different investments each type of boiler requires.



Purchase costAdditional costs to the installationBudget installationGlobal cost
Electric boilerFrom 649 to 945 € for the Mini Europe boilerEasy and fast installation, without any mandatory maintenance.1,000 €€ 1,700 to € 2,000
Pellet boiler10,000 to 20,000 €A huge storage silo with automatic boiler supply

A dry room to avoid the destructuration of the pellets and moisture. Provoking combustion problems

€ 3,000€ 13,000 to € 23,000
Wood heating5,000 to 20,000 €Requires a large storage area.

Storage of wood over several years. Dry wood provides good combustion

€ 3,000€ 8,000 to € 23,000
Boiler with butane gas or propane2,500 to 6,000 €Often the suppliers offer the rental of the tank. The supplier offers a rental lease and difficult delivery.€ 2,000 to € 4,000€ 4,500 to € 8,000
City gas boiler2,500 to 6,000 €Provide a cost for the connection to the gas and the installation of the meter (800 to 950 €) the installation of a gas boiler requires the passage of a company to validate the conformity of the installation€ 2,000€ 4,500 to € 8,000
Oil heating5,000 to 10,000 €Requires the installation of a 1,000 to 4,000 liter tank on average


€ 2,000€ 7,000 to € 15,000
Heat pump10,000 to 30,000 €Highly technical product, precise adjustment, complicated installation

Very expensive drilling for the geothermal

€ 4,00012,000 to 35,000 €


In general, at equivalent power compared to other heating modes, the electric boiler has the lowest cost of purchase. In addition, it offers excellent thermal comfort (with a fast heating) and a formidable thermal efficiency. For example, the boiler Mini Europe has a yield of almost 100%, making it one of the best performing heaters on the market.

Installation budget of a boiler: what to take into account

If the cost of installation and the installation of a boiler requires some investment, it is possible to reduce this one by optimizing the installation conditions of the product. You need to take into account :

  • The surface to be heated

The larger the volume to be heated will be important, the more it will be necessary to invest in a powerful boiler. You do not need to buy a product with a high heating power if you have a small surface to heat.

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    • Elements of your central heating network

The current installations in your home are also important. In fact, costs will have to be added if your product has to be connected to gas, for example, or if some elements of the central heating network have to be replaced. For an electric boiler, do not hesitate to invest in quality accessories: they will contribute to the durability of your heating system.