What is a modulating electric boiler ?

Different solutions exist to heat your home. Some are more adapted than others according to several criteria. The electric boiler remains one of the best solutions. As its name suggests, it is a heating system (…)

Which radiators should I choose for my boiler ?

When you choose a radiator for your electric boiler (or gas or oil), its composition affects its speed of heating and cooling. Knowing which is the best material for a radiator is a common question (…)

What are the disadvantages of a wood boiler ?

Highly appreciated for its authenticity, the wood boiler is an excellent alternative for heating in areas not connected to the gas network. Despite its many assets such as its ecological aspect or its high level (…)

Operational diagram of a heating network

A heating network (radiators and/or underfloor heating) must contain all the safety elements for its proper operation Circulator  : allows the circulation of water in the network. Its impulsion in water height must ensure a (…)

Spare parts for ThermoGroup electric boilers

In case of a defective part after the 2-year warranty, we can provide you with the spare parts adapted to your boiler model : Stainless resistance ”compatible all heating power” to insert in the heating (…)

Electric boiler : 20 important points to remember

All of these arguments amply justify the choice to buy an electric boiler at the best price. Electricity is a competitive energy. With a yield around 100% that you pay only post- consumer. That one (…)

Power to install regarding the surface to be heated

It is important to select the correct power of electric boiler according to the thermal losses and your heating needs at home. Estimation of surfaces to be heated in m2 The calculation of the heating (…)

Adaptation of the electric boiler and delivery

Where to install the electric boiler, cheap high-qulity electric heating in fast delivery everywhere in Europe. The electric boiler THERMO GROUP is economic and ecological , fits on floor heating low temperature, radiators high temperature (…)

Heating systems annual maintenance

Most of the heating systems require an annual maintenance to continue operating over the long term. Thermogroup boiler MINI EUROPE does not require any mandatory annual maintenance. Any boilers fed with gaseous fuel, liquid, solid (…)