All of these arguments amply justify the choice to buy an electric boiler at the best price.

  1. Electricity is a competitive energy. With a yield around 100% that you pay only post- consumer. That one poses no storage problem, no availability problem, or uncontrolled price inflation. It is the favorite national energy, abundant and in the future, delivered at home.
  2. In English countries, the price of electricity remains systematically around the European average. The law prohibits cutting electricity in the event of a strike and if there is a power failure, the oil fired heaters do not work either.
  3. Electric bills are spread over the year, so no more cash advance. No double-rate electric metering for use in heating only. A multitude of good reasons justify the growing interest of the English for the choice of electric heating.
  4. Modular because no problem of transformation or enlargement of the house. Renovation work reduced to minimum, the device simply replace your old boiler, it takes up little space so no square meters lost.
  5. It can couple with a solar system such as photovoltaic panels or a wind turbine. A precise and long life concept.
  6. The “Mini Europe” boiler adapts to all uses. Simple and fast installation in new as in renovation. It is designed for small or large houses, old or new buildings, apartments, buildings, communal or collective professional buildings, livestock buildings, greenhouses, communal halls or sports halls.
  7. It is new generation, economical and ecological at high, medium or low temperature. It heats as much as you want, regardless of the outdoor temperature, as it can reach a boiler outlet temperature of up to 70 ° C.
  8. It is installed without modification of the existing central heating system in all houses and all buildings having a circuit of hot water for the heating: radiators fonts, steels, heated floors, skirting boards, unit heaters, tubes with fins, …
  9. No question about the heating transmitters (radiators), the latter having the same inlet water temperature, will have exactly the same power of thermal dissipation
  10. Low sound power, no compressor, no fan (unlike a heat pump Air/Air with her operation noise of 60 to 75 dB and about 45 to 55 dB for a heat pump  Air/Water). No need for an installation of a hot air distribution network unlike Air/Air heat pumps.
  11. Wood stove, coal or fuel oil: significant heat loss on the combustion site and in the flue. Obligation of cold air from the ground for the safety and maintenance of breathable air. Regulation almost impossible.
  12. Electric convectors : vertical heat diffusion, large air circulation and a cold feet sensation, regulation difficult and blackened walls. With the “Mini Europe” boiler, there is no additional electrical installation in the living rooms, contrary to the installation required by electric convector heating or heat storage with the specific power supply of these products.
  13. A heating system with a maintenance also reduced, almost free. Extreme reliability, small space needs, easy installation, smoke-free, CO2-free. Operates without oil, without gas, without wood, without refrigerant gas.
  14. The electric heating is a clean heating system that does not brew air. Safe and simple risk-free system for any user. Works without the inadvertent consumption of oxygen, does not dry the air and preserves the hygrometry. Clean and healthy air guaranteed.
  15. The boiler is not a heat pump, there are no moving parts and no refrigerant either (in the field of greenhouse gases, the refrigerants used in heat pumps are up to 15,000 times more polluting than CO²).
  16. The performance of the “Mini Europe” boiler is identical, regardless of the outside temperature, even if it is very strongly negative. The “COPs” of the indicated heat pumps are measured at + 7 °, usually an electrical resistance takes over in case of negative temperature. This means that at constant temperature of -20°  the electric boiler will always have a constant consumption, which is not the case of an Air to Air heat pump that needs the electrical resistance well before such a temperature.
  17. It does not require boiler backup, chimney, suction cup, casing so no sweeping and restrictive maintenance . It only requires one electrical subscription, no additional connection costs like with the gas.
  18. No specific network, no connection fees or additional subscription fees (gas …), no special installation type of holding tank (oil …), no special column (gas …), no shelters or chores (wood), or corner of busy garden (propane), no smoke extraction chimney or suction cup, no sweeping, no energy advance storage.
  19. Heat pumps often require the installation of a buffer tank, especially because of the risk of icing of the outdoor unit in winter and to maintain a sufficient energy reserve.
  20. No external earthworks or drilling for the installation of the capture network in comparison with heat pumps in geothermal or air to water heat pump.

All these arguments amply justify the choice to buy a boiler at the best price because it is sufficiently if well dimensioned. Many defective heat pump installations, even before they have been made profitable, are becoming an installation of a  ”Mini Europe” electic boiler !