The electric boiler produces heat by heating water, this is made using electricity. With this type of heating, the water circulates in a closed circuit without the release of CO2 or gas, all with a rapid rise in temperature. While the electric boiler was working, some users could see their current cutting out. In which cases can an electric boiler cut the current?

Electrical installation not powerful enough

When it’s cold, the boiler is running at full speed. A faulty electrical installation or not powerful enough to handle this rapid heat rise can cause failure.

Above all, it is important to check that your electric boiler is well connected to a network that is only intended and protected by a sufficiently powerful differential circuit breaker, so it can be the only one to use the plug or the current supply, and thus avoid overloading.

If your electricity meter is not powerful enough, it may be helpful to ask your electricity supplier to increase the power of your meter.

Other causes explaining this failure

A short circuit can also be the cause of the failure. It is therefore essential to check the entire electrical circuit to determine from where the fault comes from. To do this, start your boiler with an essential element unplugged to see if the meter disrupts. And do this until you find what makes break the fuses.

An insulation failure of a wire can also be the cause of the failure.

Finally, also think about controlling the state of the resistances of your boiler.

In all cases, if you encounter this kind of failure, it is better to call a professional for the repair.