When you choose a radiator for your electric boiler (or gas or oil), its composition affects its speed of heating and cooling. Knowing which is the best material for a radiator is a common question and, although aluminum is technically the best, it is also generally more expensive than other materials, however you will get that money back at one point. Here is a summary of each radiator materials recognized on the market.

What is the best radiator material ?

Cast iron radiators

Cast iron radiators were popular before modern insulation because they take a long time to heat up or cool down. But if you like the look, note that there are stainless steel replicas, perfectly imitating old cast iron models.

Mild steel radiators

Mild steel radiators are very common and not expensive. You will find many models at attractive prices and a big range of painted color.

Stainless steel radiators

Stainless steel heaters do not rust and stay hot for a long time after the heater is turned off. While some see this as an advantage to do some savings, others think that’s more difficult to keep the temperature constant. However, all stainless steels are not equivalent, so be sure to buy them from a good manufacturer. It is a wise choice, but the prices often reflect quality.

Aluminum radiators

Aluminum is a very reactive superconductor. In other terms, as soon as you turn it on, it immediately begins to heat your home. Moreover, it cools down immediately, which makes easier to obtain the ideal temperature. These heaters are also lightweight and easy to install, but their price might be higher.