Electric boilers, preferred by European households, are more environmentally friendly, cheaper and easier to install than gas boilers. However, many people choose a gas boiler when it comes to equipping a home with heating or replacing an existing boiler. The point about the real disadvantages of a gas boiler.

The two types of gas boiler

There are two types of gas boilers: the natural gas boiler (methane) and the propane boiler. Those who opt for a gas boiler do not have to hesitate for long between these two fuels, as natural gas is much more interesting than propane gas. But homes not connected to the city gas network and wishing to have a gas boiler have no choice: they will opt for a propane boiler. This is the case for most houses in the countryside for example.

The natural gas boiler (city gas)

As explained above, it is mandatory to be connected to the city gas network to be equipped with a natural gas boiler.

More polluting, methane releases more CO2 than propane gas, as well as nitrogen oxide.

The propane gas boiler (LPG)

If you choose a propane-fueled gas boiler, you must connect the appliance to a storage tank. The house must, therefore, provide and have space outside the housing for the installation of the tank. This type of boiler is therefore even more expensive during the initial investment since it will pay for the installation of the tank. It can be buried for more aesthetics, but it still adds costs.

In addition, propane is an expensive gas, more than natural gas.

Finally, it will be necessary to have the tank regularly filled by tanker, an expensive operation.

Disadvantages common to the two types of boilers

Whether it is the natural gas or propane boiler, note that this solution is not environmentally friendly because of the release of CO2 into the atmosphere: the propane gas rejects a little less than the natural gas (methane).

Unlike the electric boiler, the installation requires exhaust ducts, where an electric boiler requires only a single electrical connection.

In the case of maintenance, a gas boiler requires a mandatory annual check. After this, adjustments or maintenance work is often recommended. Two additional costs. Note that these interviews and these checks are obligatory because they will make it possible to discover with the defective parts.

Moreover, and unlike the electric boiler, there is a risk of intoxication or explosion in case of equipment failure. Hence the importance of annual maintenance.

What is the best option for a gas boiler?

If you have to opt for a gas boiler, it is better to turn to a natural gas boiler if the house is connected to it, which is not always the case. And the best is then to opt for a gas boiler called “condensing”.

More expensive to buy, it remains more economical since it requires less gas consumption, and will make the initial investment profitable in the long term. Moreover, it is ranked among the boilers that best meet the new criteria of energy renovation.