Choosing a boiler for your home requires taking into account your environment, your needs and your budget. The installation of a dual-energy electric boiler is rather easy and above all very economical. However, we advise you to ensure above all the effectiveness of your insulation to improve its performance and especially… to have the necessary budget.

How does a dual-energy boiler work?

As its name suggests, the dual-energy boiler, also known as a hybrid boiler, uses two energy sources to operate. The combustion of these two sources takes place in two quite distinct areas.

In the majority of the cases respectful of the environment, it benefits of a great energy efficiency. On the other hand, it is difficult to estimate its yield, which is directly related to the choice of the two energies used by the boiler and to other factors, such as the climate if the dual-energy boiler is using solar energy.

The different types of dual-energy electric boilers

For powering the boiler via each of the energy sources, many combinations are possible. Depending on your preferences and your budget, several associations can be done. You will find boilers with electric energy + gas or fuel, solar, wood …

But among all these possibilities, the combination of solar and electric energy is the most economical. Indeed, solar energy is completely free and renewable, and thus allows operation at a lower cost.

Advantages of the dual-energy electric boiler

The dual-energy boiler is safer: if a burner fails, the second takes over immediately, and so the heating and hot water production of your home are unlikely to be stopped.

In addition, switching from one energy source to another depending on which one is the most advantageous, the bi-electric boiler generates savings on the heating bill.

Disadvantages of the dual-energy boiler

However, two disadvantages are noted on the installation of a dual-energy boiler:

  • his size
  • his price

Indeed, since it has two burners, it takes a consistent space. And this space must be on the ground. There is no wall-mounted dual-energy boiler. Furthermore, we need to consider the storage of fuel, if one of the fireplaces is wood for example.

Also be careful about solar energy, especially if you are in a not so sunny area. If your solar energy will provide you with a large part of your heating in the summer, it will be different during the cold seasons and the money calculation must be done beforehand in a realistic way to not run a slow budget.

The price of the dual-energy boiler is also significantly higher than for a “standard” boiler. It is indeed necessary to consider a budget between 6000€ and 15 000€ or more. Real investment to do only in a thoughtful way and if it is really worth it.