Choosing your heating mode is not always easy, especially when you want to save money. To make the right choice, it is essential to take into account the various costs related to heating (installation, energy prices, maintenance, etc.). What are they? Which heating mode to choose?

Cost of heating modes: what must be taken into consideration?

To choose the right boiler, taking into account energy costs is not enough. Other elements must be considered to compare the cost of different heating modes  :

  • The energy bill

This one includes the subscription (fixed part) and the cost proportional to your consumption (variable part). This is the bill that you pay to your energy supplier.

  • Operating expenses

They are the costs related to the electricity consumption necessary to provide heating and domestic hot water. The more they consume, the higher the bill will be.

  • Installation maintenance

Some installations, such as oil-fired boilers or town gas boilers, are subject to mandatory annual maintenance.

  • Renewal or purchase of equipment

If you are making a new installation, you need to consider the costs associated with the purchase and installation of the boiler and the cost of the accessories. A pellet boiler will require the purchase of a storage silo, for example, while the installation of a city gas boiler will require a specialist to operate (most of the time to validate the conformity of the installation), and an additional cost for gas connection and meter installation.

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Different heating solutions: what to choose?

In terms of global cost, electric heating is usually cheaper to install and to run. A result which can be explained by an easy and quick installation that does imply only a few or no investment, and the absence of mandatory maintenance (maintenance contracts cost generally between € 130 to € 250 per year for other heating modes). In addition, the price of an electric boiler is one of the lowest, even for the most efficient. The Mini Europe boiler, for example, is available from € 649 and can cost up to € 945. Also note that :

  • despite some preconceived ideas, electric heating does not involve combustion and does not release any toxic smoke;
  • it is a safe installation, which doesn’t expose to any risk of intoxication or explosion;
  • it is easy to manage its consumption thanks to some equipment such as a room thermostat or settings like the modes comfort and eco or the possibility to program your heating time, etc. These tips have to be considered because can make savings up to 45% on your heating bill.