Many types of electric boilers exist. And among them, there are the storage boilers. What is it about ? What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

Why is it a “mixed” boiler ?

The electric storage boiler is part of the family of the mixed boilers. That means, it produces both hot water for heating the housing, but also directly domestic hot water. The term ‘’storage’’ means that the boiler got a hot water tank to store a reserve. Thanks to it the hot water can be available immediately when needed.

With this inner tank, the boiler can be voluptuous, depending on the number of liters it  can contains. It will then be important to choose its capacity according to the number of inhabitants of the housing and the number of bathrooms. The smaller models are called micro-storage, their water supply is more limited.

Advantages and disadvantages of the storage boiler

Electric boilers, in general, have the great advantage of being simple and easy to install. And having an electric storage boiler is the guarantee of having hot water instantly at every moment of the day. The hot water is thus directly available, without having to wait.

However, we recommend you to opt for an electric boiler system which does not integrate a water tank (like the MINI EUROPE for example). First, because stagnant non-cold water increases the risk of bacteria, and especially because it avoids to heat water for nothing. With a conventional boiler system connected to a water heater, the water is heated only in case of real need and at a very reasonable speed (only a few seconds).

Criteria for choosing an electric storage boiler

This type of boiler is not suitable for all lifestyles and all homes. In the first place, it is necessary to provide more space for this boiler. With its large hot water tank, it is voluptuous and need space. The rooms to be heated should not be too big. In fact, the consumption of a storage boiler must be finely calculated, and larger is the space, more expensive it will be.