The electric boiler is a simple heating system. The energetic performance of the heating takes into account the yield of the boiler but also the efficiency of the heating system. It is therefore essential to have a clean heating network


How the sludge is created in the network.

Naturally, the water contains limestone particles and different elements. Any network, copper, metal, PER, multilayer, the permeability of materials will always let air go by. The formation of mud is then inevitable.

In addition, the elements contained in the water will form sludge.

Why remove these sludges.

When the mud forms, it settles in your pipes and radiators or underfloor heating. At first this limits the passage of heat by forming an insulating layer. If no cleaning is done, this causes sludge plugs in the heating network, the heating becomes then ineffective.

How to eliminate these sludges.

You have three solutions.

  • The cleaning of the network with a high-pressure recirculation pump and suitable detergent products that will wash the circuit.
  • The use of chemicals added to the water in your heating network.
  • The installation of a microbubble trap to remove the oxygen contained in the water (this limits the development of microbes) with the installation of a dirt separator that catch by settling the muds formed in the heating network.


To obtain the best yield from your heating system with a ThermoGroup electric boiler, we recommend the installation of a microbubble degasser and a dirt separator. This avoids the use of chemicals that penalize the quality of our environment;