rendement d'une chaudière électrique

Electricity does not always have a good reputation… And yet, choosing to heat your house with an electric boiler is the preferred solution if you want daily heating comfort while saving money. In the long term, it is also the electric boiler the most profitable. Do you doubt it? We explain why.

Ending the received ideas

Electricity often has a bad reputation: polluting, too expensive… Many arguments that have no reason to be, because :

  • The prices of fossil fuels are constantly increasing (gas, oil for domestic fuel …). The cost of gas, for example, has been multiplied by 3 in some regions between 2003 and 2019. It is also as expensive or even more expensive than electricity.
  • The annual maintenance of products like a gas boiler, wood or oil, is expensive.
  • Electricity can be self-consumed: depending on your home, you can choose to produce all or part of your electricity yourself. In addition, there are now many green electricity contracts to consume renewable energy and act for the environment.
  • Many do not consider the insulation of the house: a poorly insulated home will necessarily consume a lot of electricity, which explain the high bill. This is one of the reasons why, at ThermoGroup, we insist on the importance of isolating your house: many aids exist, do not hesitate to inquire. A well-insulated house, and heated by an electric boiler, is the guarantee of a healthy and sustainable system.

The efficiency of a boiler over 10 years: electricity on top

Many consumers forget that the performance of a boiler is calculated on several criteria. First the purchase price, but also the cost of operation. Let’s take some examples.

  1. The oil boiler: it takes about 1 euro per litre, and 14 cents / kW to heat. For a house that consumes 10 000 kW, it is about 1 400 € / year of heating. To this must be added the maintenance of the boiler (150/200 €), and a purchase cost of the device boiler from 5,000 to 10,000 €.
  2. The gas boiler: on average around 12 cents per kW (slightly lower than oil boiler). It also involves similar maintenance and purchase costs (around 6,000 euros for the product).
  3. The heat pump: Although consuming half as much electricity, the heat pump can prove to be an uneconomic choice if considering the costs related to its operation. Starting with the annual maintenance (200 €), the maintenance and repair fees (100 €), the electricity costs to operate the device … In total, just the maintenance fees require 400 € minimum per year.

Contrary to other heating solutions, the electric boiler is one of the cheapest to buy (from 649 to 945 € for the Mini Europe boiler), for a yield of almost 100%. It does not require maintenance and can be installed or changed very easily. In the long term, the electric boiler is the product with the best efficiency. This is the reason why many individuals come back to the electric boiler: in addition to making the easiest choice, they make the choice of a heating system profitable over the time, and which brings a significant comfort of heating.