Installer votre chaudière électrique par un professionnel

Have you just invested in an electric boiler? Congratulations! All you need to do is install it and connect it to your heating network. If the installation is quick and easy, and can easily be done by yourself, some individuals prefer to hire a professional to help them. How to choose his installer for his electric boiler? Our advice.

Installation of an electric boiler: what cost?

The budget to install an electric boiler is one of the lowest, compared to other types of boilers. Its purchase cost ranges from € 649 to € 945 (for the Mini Europe boiler) and the budget for the installation is estimated at € 1,000. In total, the overall cost is between € 1,700 and € 2,000, for a quick and easy installation.

Good to know: unlike gas, oil and wood boilers, the electric boiler is not subject to maintenance.

If you need to do heavier work, for example when replacing an oil fired boiler, you will definitely need the help of a professional. Some work will increase the bill, including:

  • Disassembly and removal of the old boiler

This first step must be carried out carefully, so as not to damage the connections. For this operation, the professional takes care of removing it, but also to bring it to a recycling center. In the case of an oil boiler, it can also be responsible for removing the storage tank. The cost of the service: usually about 350 €.

  • The installation of the electrical box

The professional can also take care of the installation of a secondary electrical box to supply the new boiler. The cost of the operation? 350 € approximately.

These two steps are optional, and in most cases your heating network is already ready to accommodate your new electric boiler and does not require any work beforehand. If you want to hire a professional for the simple installation of your new device, the cost is estimated between 400 € and 500 €. This includes installing the boiler and connecting to your heating network (electrical and hydraulic).

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Have your electric boiler installed by a professional: our advice

The installation of an electric boiler by a professional is relatively quick and easy, hence the affordable price of the service. Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes, in order to compare the offers and the costs of the different providers. You can turn to:

  • A heating engineer;
  • A plumber (if he has received the proper training);
  • An electrician.

For installation, beware of discounted rates: they are rarely serious. Use a licensed and qualified professional to avoid scams.

On the day of installation, do not hesitate to ask him to make power adjustments so that your heating equipment offers the best possible performance.

To facilitate the installation of your new electric boiler , ThermoGroup offers free assistance to study your project and validate the power needed for your housing. Our heating experts accompany you and give you all the tips to help you install your heating system safely.