comparatif chaudiere gaz ou electrique

Your boiler is old and energy-hungry, and would you like to change it to a more efficient heating appliance? Given the wide choice, it is not always easy to navigate … When buying your new boiler, you may be hesitating between gas or electricity. In order not to go wrong, it is important to take into account several criteria. Between electricity and gas, which fuel to choose? ThermoGroup helps you to see more clearly!

The comparative table between electric boiler and gas boiler

Electric boilerGas boiler (butane, propane or town gas)
  • Installation is fast and easy: simply connect it to the electrical and hydraulic network of your home


  • Installation budget: € 1,000
  • Propane: this requires a connection to the city gas, the installation of a meter and the mandatory passage of a company to validate the compliance of the installation.


  • Butane and propane: requires the rental of a tank and the subscription of a binding lease.


  • Budget installation: € 2,000 to € 4,000
MaintenanceNo mandatory maintenanceObligation to subscribe an annual maintenance contract (about 150 € /year)
SafetyNo release of CO2 or fine particles. In addition, you have the option to choose green electricity contractsBoiler that emits CO2. Gas heating can be the cause of domestic accidents due to poisoning or explosion.
Cost of purchaseFrom 649 to 945 € for the Mini Europe boiler 2 500 to 6,000 €


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Electric boiler: why to make this choice?

Compared to the gas boiler, the electric boiler offers many advantages, including:

  • A low cost of purchase;
  • Simplicity of installation;
  • A device that does not pollute;
  • Is not subject to any maintenance obligation;
  • Offers a yield close to 100%.

Even today, choosing an electric boiler appears – wrongly – as an expensive choice because of energy considered too expensive. A wrong argument, because the long-term performance of a boiler is calculated on its cost of purchase, but also on its operating costs.

Over 10 years, the electric boiler appears as the smartest choice, with a much more advantageous performance than an appliance with oil, gas, and even a heat pump.

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