Allier plancher chauffant et radiateurs avec une chaudière électrique

You have an electric boiler, but do not know which heating emitters to choose. Two options are hot water radiators and underfloor heating. What differences between these equipments? Can we combine the two?

Underfloor heating or radiators: what to choose?

The underfloor heating and radiators can both be powered by an electric boiler. Discover the characteristics of each transmitter.

Heated floor Radiators
Heat emission The underfloor heating diffuses a soft and homogeneous heat, everywhere in the house. In winter, it brings a very appreciable thermal comfort.The heat is emitted by radiation, it rises towards the ceiling then falls back towards the ground once cooled. Diffusion is often uneven: the air around the radiator is warmer than in the more distant parts.
Aesthetics The heated floor is invisibleThe radiators hang on the walls and are part of the decoration. However, some models are aesthetic and can be personalized (colors, etc.).
Cost The installation cost is higher: between 70 and 100 €/m2, not including the work.The installation cost depends on the material, but is lower than the underfloor heating (and requires little or no work).
Other disadvantages The temperature rise in a room is longer with a heated floor than a radiator.

In addition, the underfloor heating is not compatible with certain coverings like the carpet.

The radiators cause air displacements and collect dust.

Under new construction, the underfloor heating is the most attractive emitter.

If you live in a house where the heating circuit is already installed, and the work costs are too high for your budget, you can always replace the existing equipment. Today, there are high-performance hot water radiators, which allow energy savings.

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Can we combine underfloor heating and hot water radiators?

If you own a single storey house, then underfloor heating is an ideal solution because you can use it to heat all the rooms of your house. However, if you live in a house with one or more floors, you are surely tempted to combine a heated floor on the ground floor and radiators upstairs.

This solution is possible, and can even be advantageous, because:

  • the most used rooms (living room, kitchen, etc.) on the ground floor benefit from homogeneous and moderate heat;
  • while the rooms upstairs (bedrooms or others) benefit from a heat which can be adjusted according to your needs.

The electric boiler offers the advantage of being able to supply both the underfloor heating only hot water radiators. If you have a large area to heat, do not forget to choose a powerful and efficient appliance, such as the electric boiler ThermoGroup. The latter can heat surfaces up to 300 m2 (power 24kW), for a price up to € 945.