réduire consommation électrique chaudière

To operate, your electric boiler needs a certain amount of energy, which depends on your needs and the performance of your appliance. Additional tips exist to reduce your electricity consumption without sacrificing your comfort. Do you know them?

Adjust the temperatures of your rooms

Did you know that one degree less heating is 7% more energy savings? To warm up your home without neglecting your thermal comfort, adjust the temperature of each room according to your needs. If the most used rooms such as the living room can be heated to 19° or 20°, a temperature of 18 or 19° for bedrooms and unoccupied rooms is more than enough.

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Install thermostatic valves and a programming clock

To optimize your electricity consumption, there are several accessories to install on your heating system.

  • Thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves are installed on each radiator in your home and allow you to adjust the temperature in each room.

To avoid having to travel each time to adjust the heating, be aware that there are thermostats and valves connected . These are remotely managed via an application on your smartphone.

  • A programmer for water heaters

The programmer for water heaters allows you to define time periods during which the hot water tank operates. You can program the heating mode early in the morning and early evening for example. Better still, you can manage it to be turned-on during off-peak hours, in order to benefit from a favorable rate (if your subscription contract allows it).

This avoids starting the boiler every time your hot water tap is activated. On average, the programming clock allows between 10 to 20% energy savings. A nice boost to reduce your electricity bill.

Did you know? There are “smart” water heaters, which automatically start the heating cycle during off-peak hours. Other functionalities are proposed, such as the automatic calculation of the real needs of the home in order to adjust the quantity of hot water produced, or the “absence” mode.


These tips help you optimize your electricity consumption, without having to skip your comfort. It is also important to invest in an efficient electric boiler, like the ThermoGroup boiler , to benefit from an efficient heating system, healthy and sustainable, for many years!

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