Chaudière électrique avec un plancher chauffant

For many households, choosing the most economical and efficient heating system is sometimes difficult. Should we opt for radiators or a heated floor? Which energy to choose? For new homes, opt for a floor heating hydraulic fed by a boiler is a wise choice… provided that you have a sufficiently powerful appliance with a suitable regulation. And if the electric boiler was the preferred solution?

The advantages of the water heating floor

The underfloor heating is a floor heating system. Although this type of heating is more expensive to install than radiators, it is nevertheless a healthier and more economical equipment over time. Heating your home with a hydraulic floor heater offers many benefits, including:

  • Heating comfort

The heated floor allows you to diffuse a gentle and homogeneous heat in all rooms of your home. It offers significant thermal comfort because the heat is distributed horizontally and vertically: there is no change in temperature from floor to ceiling. We almost forget that the rooms are heated!

  • Energy savings

The water circulating in the floor heating is generally heated to 40°: this requires less energy than for traditional equipment. According to the French ADEME, having a floor heating would reduce its energy consumption by 7%.

  • An invisible system

Unlike bulky radiators and sometimes dust collectors, the floor heating saves space because it is a totally invisible installation.

  • A safe and secure installation

Be assured: you have no risk of having heavy leg problems or headaches with recent heated floors. The reason ? Unlike the older time, the temperature should not exceed 28°C. In addition, it is a completely secure heating mode, as it is placed under a layer of concrete or a floor covering. It is thus out of reach and carries no risk of burning.

  • Compatible with many floor coverings

Tiles, parquet, carpet (if you have a model that is fine enough to let the heat through), natural stone … The heated floor adapts to many floor coverings.

Why choose an electric boiler with a hydraulic floor heating?

A hydraulic floor heating adapts to any form of energy: oil, gas, electricity … To heat water, it is not necessary always easy to make the right choice.

However, unlike other heating systems, the electric boiler is an ideal appliance to accompany a floor heating and offers many benefits. This is indeed a device that:

  • does not require (or little) maintenance;
  • has a low installation cost;
  • is efficient and offers a near 100% yield like the ThermoGroup Mini Europe boiler ;
  • makes no noise;
  • does not emit CO2: there is no risk of poisoning and explosion;
  • does not take lot of space and can be installed in any room in your home like the kitchen.

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