pourquoi isoler ses combles

To reduce our energy consumption, we are constantly looking for effective solutions. The heating bill is indeed a significant sum every year. The solution ? Invest in a high-performance heating appliance and insulate your home. In a house, the French ADEME reveals that 30% of energy losses occur through the roof. For this reason, it may be wise to isolate the attic and improve the energy performance of your home. Discover 5 good reasons to insulate your attic.

1. Keep the heat in your home in winter

The attic in your home is something that is in contact with the outdoors. If they are poorly insulated, they can not block the cold to enter in your home, and therefore, to prevent heat from going out the roof. Hot air is lighter than cold air: it rises quickly to the ceiling and escapes through the attic.

To overcome this problem, their insulation helps maintain a constant indoor temperature in winter and avoid unpleasant cold drafts for your thermal comfort. You will consume less energy, with significant savings on your bill.

2. Keeping cool in the summer

Well-insulated attics not only keep the heat in the winter, but also keep the fresh air inside your home in the summer. An insulated housing ensures thermal comfort in any season, preventing the outside temperature from affecting your indoor temperature.

In order to preserve the freshness in the summer, we must choose an insulating material with a phase shift greater than 10hoo.

Good to know : The insulation goes through renovation on the roof, but also on windows or walls. To make sure, do not hesitate to perform an energy performance diagnosis.

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3. Save energy

A well-insulated home ensures thermal comfort and requires less energy for heating in winter. Indeed, living in an isolated dwelling that meets the best criteria A-class, instead of poorly isolated housing, can make up to 95% additional savings.

The key to lowering your heating bill ? Insulate your attic, then the rest of your home to prevent heat loss. You can then replace your old appliance for a more efficient boiler, such as the ThermoGroup electric boiler .

4. Increase the value of your home

A dwelling with isolated attics can reduce the overall energy consumption of housing, and obtain a better energy balance. This is an important factor to have a good ranking on the energy label of house energy rating (HER). This allows to give more value to your home, a factor not to be overlooked in the event of a possible resale.