Electric energy is the only alternative green energy in the future for your home or your car because it is produced easily.

The cost of heating occupies an increasing place in the housing budget. Coupled with the cost of producing hot water, they account for an average of 2/3 of the household’s energy expenses.

Improving an outdated electric heating system saves money and improves domestic comfort.

The THERMO GROUP electric boiler is adaptable to many other hot water production solutions or in addition to a boiler already connected to the heating network.

Oil, gas and all fossil fuels are to be avoided, they will be increasingly rare and expensive and will keep polluting the planet to create a catastrophic imbalance that has already begun.

The electrical power is the only green energy alternative in the future for your home or  your car because easily produced, for example through solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric generation.

Our philosophy is the manufacture of durable products without proprietary electronics, designed to work for decades without expensive repairs to prevent all obsolescence.

A study by the French ADEME (Agency of the Environment and the Control of Energy) shows that the consumer agrees to pay systematically for the repair of a product if the price of this repair is less than one third the price of a new one. ( Source  – Page 41)