The departure time is approaching! Before going on holiday, some small checks are necessary. They will allow you to take the road serenely and save energy… and money. What devices to check in case of prolonged absence?

The electric boiler

This is the big question that households ask themselves before going on holiday: should I turn off my electric boiler ? The answer varies according to the seasons. Cutting your boiler in the summer does not involve any risk: you can turn it off completely thanks to your circuit breaker installed on your line.

On the other hand, it is advisable to leave your boiler turned on in winter. The reason ? The pipes may freeze. This way you avoid the complications of restarting your boiler, and keep your settings. This gives you the assurance of having a functional device when you return. In addition, if you leave only a week, lowering the temperature between 13 and 16°C is enough. In case of disconnection, raising the temperature of your boiler will require much more energy than lowering the thermostat for a few days.

If you go in winter and want to enjoy a heated home when you return, do not hesitate to invest in a connected thermostat. Connected to your electric boiler, it helps to remotely program your heating system and start the operation of your boiler a few days, or hours, before your arrival.

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Refrigerating appliances

Refrigerator, freezer: if you go a week or more, it is recommended to empty your appliances, to clean them, then to turn off completely. This is indeed significant consumer items (30% of the electricity in your home for the refrigerator), which will save energy once disconnected. Do not forget to leave the door open, even to place a box of baking soda, to avoid mold, bad smells and absorb moisture.

If you prefer not to turn it off, lower the temperature to its lowest level while respecting hygiene standards. You benefit from an energy saving of 6% for each degree added.

Other appliances

Microwave, telephone, internet box, coffee machine, clock radio, TV and computer: all devices must also be unplugged. Even in standby, they continue to consume energy. In fact, off-the-shelf, but plugged-in appliances account for between 7 and 11% of your overall energy consumption each year.

Did you know? Mobile phone chargers continue to consume energy, even if they are not connected to your devices.