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MINI EUROPE Quantity Total
4.5 kW without pump 774
6 kW without pump 824
9 kW without pump 874
12 kW without pump 924
15 kW without pump 974
4.5 kW with pump 1024
6 kW with pump 1054
9 kW with pump 1074
12 kW with pump 1124
15 kW with pump 1174
18 kW with pump 1224
24 kW with pump 1274
Heating accessories Quantity Total
Purified water filling kit
Expansion vessel 18L 79
Auto-air vent
mandatory above the boiler
EXVOID Microbubble 99 99
EXDIRT Dirt separator 99 99
Add-on magnet with force 14 kg
Exferro to place under Reflex Exdirt
Brass Y-strainer 19
Drain valve
for the heating network
2x Valves
recommended to isolate the boiler
2x Flexible ajustable 1.2 Meter 49
2x Dielectric connection 19
Pump SPCO FGD25-6 99 99
Heating floor Temperature limiter 20-60°C 29
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Thermostat Quantity Total
Mechanical room thermostat with wire
Watts Belux
LCD room thermostat
programmable wireless
Smart wifi room thermostat
compatible with Apple or Android smartphones
Subtotal VAT incl. 297 €
Discount VAT incl. 0
Total VAT incl. 297 €
10% increase on the price of boilers expected before the end of the month (July).

Following the surge in metal prices, we will increase the price of our boilers this month.
To order later at the price displayed today, ask us for a quote (price guaranteed 30 days).