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Electric boiler 18 kW
with water pump included

<small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW
Heating power 18 kW
  • Up to 220m²
  • 400V 26A
  • Heating power

6, 12 or 18 kW
to adjust manually with
Power Circuit Breakers




Details about spare parts

1. Insulated stainless steel heater
2. Pump WILO 7 meters
3. Quiet Switch ETI
4. Power Circuit Breakers ETI
5. Pressure safety valve 3 bar
6. Thermostat
7. Manometer
8. Water drain
9. Overheating protection 80°C
10. Auto-air vent of the pump
11. Connection for room thermostat
12. Power supply terminal block
13. Hot water connection ET ¾"
14. Cold water connection ET ¾"
15. Power LED
16. Pressure Safety LED
17. Network temperature setting
18. Cable gland power cable

Size 74x36x15cm 20kg

Technical data sheet for electric boiler MINI EUROPE +

<small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW

* VAT incl. including promotional discount -75 € only valid on Thursday 25 July
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Thanks to the circulator WILO Yonos Para Energy Class A, optimize the heat distribution into the central heating smallest corners (radiators, underfloor heating ...)

Its safety group integrated helps to control the network pressure and to connect the boiler to any room thermostat, whether wired or wireless for the best energy savings and comfort!

Technical datasheet of the WILO Yonos Para Pump
WILO Yonos Para
Zoom <small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW
Connection <small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW

Circulateur <small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW
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  • Acheteur Vérifié
    Publié le 04/03/2021 à 08h57 (Date de commande : 04/03/2021 à 08h57)

    Un grand oui pour cette chaudière découverte suite à la recommandation d'un collègue. Elle chauffe très bien et ne prend pas beaucoup de place, c'est un plaisir d'éliminer les contraintes du chauffage à mazout.

  • Acheteur Vérifié
    Publié le 16/02/2021 à 06h25 (Date de commande : 16/02/2021 à 06h25)

    Prix très honnete pour un système de chauffage. Appareil simple mais efficace.

  • Acheteur Vérifié
    Publié le 14/02/2021 à 22h02 (Date de commande : 14/02/2021 à 22h02)

    Je voudrais recommander cette chaudière, la consommation est raisonnable, le prix d'achat très bon et surtout la simplicité d'utilisation n'a pas de prix. Très réactive quand il fait froid à l'intérieur nous arrivons a avoir chaud rapidement. Je recommande.

  • Acheteur Vérifié
    Publié le 06/11/2020 à 19h42 (Date de commande : 06/11/2020 à 19h42)

    C'est pas cher mais par contre c'est efficace, c'est incroyable de ne pas promouvoir davantage ce type de chaudière. En mettant des panneaux solaires c'est une excellente solution pour moi en tant que consommateur mais aussi pour la planète.

Do you need an electric boiler to heat your home?
It's hard to make the right choice and find THE safe bet.
To make no mistake, discover the Thermogroup boiler 18 kW Mini Europe + .
Power and efficiency are there to keep you warm during winter.

A Low-Tech electric boiler of 18 kW

The 18 kW boiler has an output capable of heating surfaces up to 220 m².
Automatic, modulating, compact and quiet: this is the ideal heater for your dwelling.
It is possible to manually adjust the power of 18 kW thanks to the circuit breakers.
To ensure comfort and energy savings, a two-wire terminal block is provided for you can install a room thermostat and manage the inside temperature the best way possible.

In addition, our mini-boiler 18 electric kw is easily installed on your network of central heating. Once installed and the connections made, it can supply all hydraulic systems in the house: radiators, heated floors, fan coil units... you choose!

Not insignificant asset; it can also be coupled with a solar system like the photovoltaic panels. If you cannot generate your own electricity, it is also possible to take out a green electricity contract. One stone, two birds: you get one high-performance appliance, durable and accessible, and do a gesture for the environment while reducing your heating bill.

A boiler is an important investment for any home. It is thus essential that it is sustainable and able to support you year after year. Our device works without electronics, that is to say that the parts composing the device are easily accessible on the market (wholesalers or DIY stores) and are replaceable for life. For to optimize its operation, many optional accessories are available (expansion tank, sludge collector, wired thermostat, etc.).

Central heating accessible to everybody

Inexpensive to purchase, the Mini Europe + boiler is available from 1624 €, the best deal on the market. In addition, it is not necessary to subscribe an annual maintenance contract or to spend additional cost for connection or subscription (as for gas). Thanks to that compact size, it takes up little space and does not require an exhaust duct or location fuel storage.

His best aspect? It adapts to all uses, new as well as renovation. From small apartment to a large house through professional buildings, greenhouses, sports halls... Our boiler is suitable for (almost) all infrastructures to be heated.

It requires an electric subscription adapted to its power. Thanks to his reliable operation, it allows you to warm up safely. In addition, the boiler does not emits no smoke or CO 2 and guarantees healthy air in your interior.

There are many heaters available on the market (oil, gas, heat pump, etc.), and many complexes appliance to use. What if, in the end, you opt for the most simple? No need to wonder too much: a well-sized electric boiler is in largely sufficient effect to meet your heating needs. With a power of 18 KW, the Mini Europe + boiler will necessarily meet your expectations. A profitable and smart choice, and accessible at the best price!

If you find cheaper prices elsewhere, we will refund the difference. We are working on our boilers prices to be the lowest.

Our electric boilers work without electronics. Our electromechanical technology is lifetime replaceable.

Electric energy is the only energy of the future. The electric boiler is without constraints to meet the heating needs.

We respond to all your projects with a free case by case approach and our products are easy to install yourself!