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Electric boiler 18 kW
with water pump included

<small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW
Heating power 18 kW
  • Up to 220m²
  • 400V 26A
  • Heating power

6, 12 or 18 kW
to adjust manually with
Power Circuit Breakers




Details about spare parts

1. Insulated stainless steel heater
2. Pump WILO 7 meters
3. Quiet Switch ETI
4. Power Circuit Breakers ETI
5. Pressure safety valve 3 bar
6. Thermostat
7. Manometer
8. Water drain
9. Overheating protection 80°C
10. Auto-air vent of the pump
11. Connection for room thermostat
12. Power supply terminal block
13. Hot water connection ET ¾"
14. Cold water connection ET ¾"
15. Power LED
16. Pressure Safety LED
17. Network temperature setting
18. Cable gland power cable

Size 74x36x15cm 20kg

Technical data sheet for electric boiler MINI EUROPE +

<small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW

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Thanks to the circulator WILO Yonos Para Energy Class A, optimize the heat distribution into the central heating smallest corners (radiators, underfloor heating ...)

Its safety group integrated helps to control the network pressure and to connect the boiler to any room thermostat, whether wired or wireless for the best energy savings and comfort!

Technical datasheet of the WILO Yonos Para Pump
WILO Yonos Para
Zoom <small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW
Connection <small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW

Circulateur <small>Electric boiler</small> 18 kW

If you find cheaper prices elsewhere, we will refund the difference. We are working on our boilers prices to be the lowest.

Our electric boilers work without electronics. Our electromechanical technology is lifetime replaceable.

Electric energy is the only energy of the future. The electric boiler is without constraints to meet the heating needs.

We respond to all your projects with a free case by case approach and our products are easy to install yourself!